Hi! I’m Rebecca, and clearly this is my blog. Here I write about living life, plants, food, friends and family. I believe almost anything can be fixed with a walk, some cake and a hug.

Why is your blog called becgou?

Becgou is a mix of my names (pronounced beck-go). Bec is short for Rebecca, and what a lot of people call me. Growing up my last name (Gough –pronounced like cough with a G) often got mispronounced as go. So I’ve just taken the two merged them together and run with it.

How old are you?

I’m 21!

Where do you live/ where are you from?

I am born and raised New Zealand. My home city is Auckland! Although I have previously lived in France and can speak French too.

Is this blog full time? Do you have a day job?

I work on this blog part time at the moment. I adore the challenge of creating content, and the environment that comes from writing about things you love and building a community that loves them too!

I am currently back at uni, doing my honours year researching the effects of plant hormone peptides on fruit development. Cool huh. I spend my days frantically writing my thesis, finishing assignments and watering dwarf tomato plants.

 What do you like to do your spare time?

I love to knit, mountain bike, run, go camping, watercolour, eat food and spend time with my friends and family in the sunshine.

What are your favourite posts?

I’ve listed my favourite three below, go check them out!

  1. Ponsonby – K. Rd bakery crawl – I love this one since I got to eat great food, spend time with my sister and play with my camera!
  2. Wellington – This was a very impromptu (as in night before) getaway, so happy we did it. What a beautiful city.
  3. My wine cellar – Okay so I’m kinda into wine, but also a total amateur. This is where you can find all my hilarious reviews.

xoxo Bec