Hello and welcome to my portfolio.
I’m Rebecca.

As a plant molecular biologist and writer by training, I dabble in science communication, as well as women’s magazines and opinion pieces.

You’ll find me on instagram and twitter as @becgou, which stands for my name Rebecca Gough (bec as in – at your beck and call, and gou as in – go get’em).

On an average day, you’ll find me in the garden with a cup of coffee in hand (no sugar, please). In the lab, or at a desk, and in the evenings, my very favourite place – the dinner table – passing wine and cheese to my family.

If I had to describe myself using hashtags I’d be #aseasonalyear, #morningslikethese and #gowildlyandslowly.

I’m available for commissions and collaborations, just email rgough737@gmail.com, or contact me via social media.