Five tips for a waste free lunch

Let’s make less waste!

I buy my lunch almost every day as a trade-off for an extra 15 minutes of sleep. Below are my five top tips for a less wasteful meal out.

#1 Eat in.

No more takeaway. Many lunch options are entirely waste-free if you sit your butt down, take a few moments and eat on premise. Imagine if every morning you gave yourself fifteen minutes, the aroma of coffee and pastry swirling around you, soft jazz and trendy lighting while you position your coffee flawlessly for today’s Instagram post. This can be your life, and as a bonus no takeaway cup needed.

#2 Bring reusable containers.

Pop your sushi in a Systema and your tank salad in a Tupperware. If you are nervous, give the company a google or send an email asking if they will use reusable containers. 99% of places are happy to use your dishware ( it saves the company money, and looks good for PR ).


#3 Keep containers wherever you live your life.

In your purse, desk, car, and home. The main reason we make single-use rubbish is the convenience, so help yourself out and keep a reusable lunchbox, coffee cup, straw, and drink bottle – or whatever you use in all these locations. Then you conveniently have them all on hand.

#4 Scope out lunch spots which create minimal waste.

For days when you are caught out! Near me, I can get a poké bowl served in a recycled cardboard bowl, lovely sandwiches from the bakery wrapped in brown paper and unpackaged fruit from a local dairy. I could also eat in at any cafe. Its good to have tasty low waste backups, as you will absolutely forget all of your reusable items at some point.


#5 Wash your dishes in the bathroom.

Kitchens aren’t always provided, but nearly everywhere bathrooms are! I get it, sometimes you order a particularly pungent curry takeaway, and then you aren’t keen to keep the dirty dish in your bag. Firstly I 100% recommend sealable containers, and secondly, all you really need is hot water and soap, so why not give it a rinse in the bathroom sink? If anyone asks you are an eco-warrior.

Attempting to be more eco-friendly,

Bec xx