A slow weekend at Wenderholm

Earlier this month we spent a wonderful slow weekend away at Wenderholm. Living in New Zealand is a blessing, every evening as I ride the bus home  I get to look out over the harbour as the light glides past clay banks and reflects on the water. I get to spend weekends away with my family and drink hot cups of tea (lets be honest – its always coffee for me) in beautiful regional parks.

DSCF2776DSCF2782Wennerholm is Auckland’s oldest regional park, and I’m about to share a little secret. In most regional parks there are old batches/cottages you can rent. Most sleep between 6 -12 people and are very economical. DSCF2686Wenderholm has three you can rent that are spread across the park (including one accessible by boat). This trip was planned originally by my sister Lily & I as a birthday present to my dad, but right up until the Friday beforehand both of us thought we wouldn’t be able to make it. DSCF2781


Luckily Josh & I could, and Lily did her best to pop up in between calls (she’s a student mid-wife). We walked on the beach, visited a heritage house, drank coffee + wine and spent time together as a family. It was the absolute best.


I think there is something magical about doing very little surrounded by the people you love. It forces you to do one thing at a time, and focus on them. You talk and catch up, you have time for hugs as you pass in the hall and for jokes as you cook breakfast.

At these regional park homes there is no wifi, no tv and some fun mix & match crockery (there is electricity and cell phone signal most of the time – so don’t freak out). You end up reading, playing board games, knitting, walking on the beach or sitting outside listening to the birds and the water.

I loved the weekend – and I think it is a strong case for a bit of slow-living every now & again.


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