How to start a killer wine collection

If you are new to wine, starting a wine collection or cellar can feel overwhelming. But there are some (very) fun ways you can build up a collection.

Rosé wine in wine cellar rack.

Attend wine tasting events

There is no better way to have a great evening out and try before you buy! Find a local wine bar, shop or vineyard you like the sound of and join up to receive their newsletters – this is often the best way to hear about upcoming wine tastings. A charge of between $10 – $35 is standard, and a great deal especially if they are serving appetisers. Tastings are sometimes themed by vineyard, grape, style or region. If you enjoyed the wine, you can often purchase it at a discounted rate.

After a few hours drinking wine you are often feeling in a particularly good mood, so it is best to set a budget for wine purchases before you start the tasting.

Join a wine society

Yes! Become the official high society drinker you have always wanted to be. If you have some regular disposable income, clubs or societies are a fantastic way to explore wine styles and quickly build a killer wine collection worth cellaring. Clubs take a lot of the guesswork out; they let you know how long to store it, how to serve it and what to eat with it. The wine is delivered to your door, and you can choose how many bottles of red or white you would like.  Give “wine club + your country” a google and several will likely pop up.

This option is top of my list for that sweet-spot once I stop being a student but before I get a mortgage.

Group of friends toasting with wine

Download a wine recommendation app

As always, there’s an app for this! Some options include Hellovino, Vivino, WineCaseNZ, & Wineadvisor. Hellovino is great for those interested in learning about how different styles taste – with an extensive & handy guide. Vivino is a much more social platform where you can exchange ratings with friends. WineCaseNZ allows you to purchase wines straight from New Zealand Vineyards and have them delivered – this is great as you can buy wine from vineyards which may not sell to supermarkets or chains. Wineadvisor is similar to Vivino in that it is social and user base.

Overall I would suggest downloading a few, having a brief play around and picking what suits you best. For beginner wine enthusiasts I find Hellovino very easy to navigate and full of information. Once you know your way around a varietal, I think Vivino is useful to start interacting with the wine community.

Wine folly is a great online resource too.


If you are in Auckland…

I like Point Wines in Northcote Point, and the adjoining wine bar Stafford Road Wine Bar .

New Zealand Wine Society is well known and has a range of price points and subscription options.