Cruising around Muriwai

For my 21st my cousins threw me a surprise garden themed sleepover, and Josh squeezed in a quick trip to Muriwai to distract me.

Man, it is hard to take pictures at the beach in Summer without them being 150% overexposed. These photos have had a liberal dose of Lightroom magic to bring the exposure down – but I think they still look good and we had a lot of fun. The water was freezing so no swimming was involved. The gannets are stinky as always but well worth a look if you have never seen them.







Muriwai is a beach on the west coast of Auckland. The west coast faces the Tasman Sea which we share with Australia. It is wild, windy and wet. Beautiful black sand stretches up the coast since we have so much iron here. Oh and you better run from that towel to the sea for a dip, black sand is a scorcher! Gannets live in a large colony on the cliffs. I once counted them for a university assignment. Hard work! Visit around the year to watch their migration, mating and chicks. Nesting starts in August, and in March/April, the chicks leave the nest.

Also worth a look are the beaches to the south of the Muriwai, clamber down a cliff and find yourself in a much more secluded spot. The cave above is from Maori bay.

Don’t forget that Muriwai is a surf beach. The waves can be dangerous. If you are looking for a family-friendly swim, as a rule the East Coast is the way to go. Luckily the two coasts are separated by barely an hour’s drive!

xx Bec