Easter weekend

Ah, sleeping in. Technically it is the mid-semester break – so I’ve had all the craziness that comes pre-vacation. However, since I’m conducting research and not just taking classes, I don’t get the rest. Plants stop for no-one!

I am loving five days of relaxing. Chilling at home, visiting the beach for short bursts at a time – baking in the sunshine (using Rachel’s fantastic new kitchen).

We have spent Easter weekend at home. Between my fixed income, Josh’s injuries (he has been in a car accident – recovery is slow but his spirits are high, and there is progress!) and how beautiful + quiet Auckland becomes over public holidays it’s the best choice.

Currently we are embarking on A Lord of the Rings marathon and I’ve achieved my dream of baking mouth-watering hot cross buns (they were damn fine).

I know the long weekend is not over yet – Enjoy your Easter Monday everyone (and Tuesday, school kiddos).