Backyard bouquet DIY

Sometimes you just want some nice flowers in the corner of your vision whilst stare at the computer screen . Maybe you need to distract from a terrible couch,  maybe you need gift ASAP.  Regardless being able to make a bouquet out of whatever you have in the back yard can be a useful skill!


What you will need:

Plant material

Twine/ string/ yarn (electrical tape?)

Paper (plain, crepe, news)


First thing, you don’t have to have lots of flowers to make a bouquet. If you have some awesome! If not, have you considered the weeds? Think dandelions, violets, onion weed … Do your neighbours? Will they notice if you approach their hedge with some scissors? If you really do not have any floral material of any kind – hit up your greenery. Get textures, colours, shapes – variety is the aim.

Next get it together! After trimming the ends on a diagonal, start adding the plant material to your bouquet. Anything floppy, or likely to loose its structure quickly  add to your hand first so the rest of the bouquet can support it. Spin the bouquet as you go, aiming for 3D loveliness.

Tie that stuff together! At this point if you are waiting a while before you gift it, or you don’t want the bouquet wrapped – pop it into a nice vase & admire.


When you are ready to wrap use a wet paper towel and some glad wrap to keep the flowers fresh. Make a triangle with the paper, placing the bouquet in the middle roll around each of the ends. Secure with more yarn.




Clearly I’m stoked to have received my own bouquet!