Ponsonby – K Rd bakery crawl.

You heard right! Much like a pub crawl a bakery crawl involves visiting many bakeries within walking distance and stuffing yourself with pastries, deli sandwiches & donuts. What a jolly good idea.

My sister is back from Northland (she’s studying to be a midwife and was on placement). Which means three things WOO HOOO – I get our shared car back, OH NO – I have to be more stealth about borrowing her clothes to wear and HELL YEAH – sister date time.

We are sisters, we date – much like a romantic date we plan exciting activities to do together, bond over & giggle about later. On the agenda today: a bakery crawl!

First up we visited Cake & Co.  We started the day with a sensible caramel nut brownie & very strong coffees – which were apparently cappuccinos (potentially don’t order the coffee in future). The brownie was delicious and avoided that terrible sickly fate most caramel related things end in –  so sweet you can’t finish the damn thing.

I also appreciated the use of macadamias in the brownie, and faux fur rugs on the stools. If I need a full size cake for an event I will be coming back here!


Next we ate some real food at Little Bread & Butter Bakery. A delicious farmers roll (camembert! prosciutto! relish! – get it toasted) and cold, fresh orange juice. It was so humid the juice was a lifesaver, notice Lily puts up her hair.


Lastly we hit up Pie Piper on K rd for some donuts & good old fashioned ice coffee.

Next time I would get a different donut since this one (nutella) has cream cheese filling and uh, cream cheese is not my cup of tea! However it did look gorgeous and the base was delicious.


Again Lily tolerated me taking several more photos of her while she ate & talked.


What a great sis!

Have a wonderful weekend – Bec xx