Bernie’s Bar & Eatery

Atmosphere: 5/5

Coffee: 5/5

Food: 3/5

Price: 4/5

A review:

A light drizzle fell as I walked up the slate steps towards the back entrance of Bernie’s Bar & Eatery. Stepping inside, Bernie’s was delightful and moody on a rainy Sunday.

We were seated in the back half of the Eatery. Facing grand architectural windows – looking out onto a slightly wild native garden – I could not stop marvelling at the details of the space. Black walls, dark patterned flooring, iron spiral staircase – like something out of A Serious of Unfortunate Events. It shouldn’t have worked but the huge arched windows, twinkle lights & greenery brought it together.

The lunch & breakfast menu is an eclectic & confusing mix of hoagies (deli style sandwiches) & brunch type food. No eggs bene here. Mix matched panels let you know the weekday or weekend options.

I had no idea what a hoagie was, or why it was served with ready salted chips & a pickle.

I ordered a hoagie and a cappuccino (& then another).

My hoagie was wonderful, the heat from the jalapeno built slowly, the cheese was thick & delicious, the prosciutto perfectly salted – but, I could not stop myself from comparing it to a subway sandwich.

We had a fantastic time and stayed hours talking, drinking beer & coffee (the wine list is good also). At $14 for the hoagie the price was right, and I would go back again.

Any local knows Beach Haven has been dying for a trendy & tasty café. Bernie’s might be it.

My advice is to go with an open-mind & and an empty stomach – Bec xx

Image @bernies_at_verrans