I love trips away. The change of pace, the brunches, the sites & the sounds. Walking hand in hand down colourful side streets. Squeezing my arm around J’s waist, or tip toeing to brush a kiss against his cheek. Being so in the moment it hurts. Refusing to look at my credit card balance, refusing to believe Monday exists. Flashes of colour, lashings of cream, laughter at sunset and coy eyes across coffee.


Wellington is fun. We visited Te Papa, Matiu – Sommes Island, Wellington museum, Wellington portrait gallery, the cable car, the botanical gardens, zealandia (the best!), cuba street + naturally plenty of cafés.

Matiu- Sommes Island has a long and colourful history. It has been used as a quarantine (both human & animal – here you see me in the creepy old quarantine facility), a prisoner of war type camp, a wildlife sanctuary and as native Maori land.



Zelandia was my favourite visit. I am a sucker for that flora & fauna. Too many charming native creatures to count, after a few hours I swear I was beginning to pick out individual bird calls.

A surprise for me was the Wellington museum! What a hidden gem and informative too – I love knowing the history of places I visit. Make sure to check out the attic – thats where all the weird & wonderful things are hidden.


Hope you enjoyed the little tour of Wellington (& slightly better photos? I’m trying!) – we sure did! xx

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