Plants a’Plenty: Whats in season this January

Happy January – this is my favourite month! Hint: It’s because of my birthday!


Lets get into it.


Basil: Oh you humble yet delicious herb. Pair me with cheese, tomato, cucumber, mint, apple and basically any cocktail that could use freshening up. Plant me anywhere warm and give me some water. Yum, yum, yum.

Here are some cocktail recipes for your perusal, lets do the weekend properly!

  • Basil Bloody Mary from ABeautifulMess (tomato juice, vodka, basil, lemon, tabasco, worcester sauce & olives)
  • Basito  from WineDharma (basil, ginger ale, lime, brown sugar & white rum)
  • Basil Julep from Saveur (basil, Irish whiskey, simple sugar syrup)


Blueberries: Another winner, I adore when these cuties drop to $2 a punnet – and I can make them a daily lunchtime snack.


Sweet peas: Don’t eat me! I’m a poisonous although delicate flower! In an arrangement these guys last ages, in the garden they attract beautiful pollinating insects and bees to the vege patch – so we can get more of the produce we love. Win, win.