Dining in the Dark

A few months ago I stumbled upon an amusing concept: eating in the dark. Of course the French name Dans Le Noir drew me in (see my about page!), as well as the chance to have a three course meal with matching wines – something about matching wines makes me swoon (!).

I cannot recommend it highly enough, go with friends, an empty stomach and a open mind.


Things to know:


There are branches open across the world.

  • I visited the Auckland branch on the 22nd December 2017. It was magical.


It will be completely dark.

  • Something I enjoyed doing was guessing if my eyes where open, and then checking with my hands. Surprise!


You will be at a group table with strangers.

  • As well as anyone you booked with of course.


Leave anything that produces a light at home or in your bag.

  • Does your watch glow?


Your waiters are blind!

  • They are the best suited to working in the dark and helping you navigate it, they know all the tips and tricks – trust them.


The food will taste divine.

  • Even better because you cannot see it.


Everyone gets chatty

  • The weird situation gets everyone laughing, and the darkness gives a sense of anonymity – so go ahead and share some secrets.


Time moves very quickly

  • To begin with we thought the courses where being served very quickly – then we left and checked the clock. We had arrived at 7.00pm and where leaving at 11.00pm!