A few of my favourite things 2018


Unintentional mushrooms.


Frida (the movie).


The fact that I actually sat down and JUST watched a movie (usually I multi-task, and end up enjoying nothing).


A delicious and nutritious meal. Full of yummy things like pine nuts, blue cheese, apples and mussels.


Greek yogurt.


A warm cool evening (how do you like that oxymoron?).


Finally being able to resist binge watching Gilmore girls.


Getting rid of the damn grid thing on Word.


The flowers & olives Josh brought me. The best presents are spontaneous. I love him.


Dreams of France, and 1930’s Mexico (blame Frida).


The smell of coffee.


January – the best time of the year.


I could go on and I will, but not on the Internet. In my heart I always carry this changing list. The idea & title is completely borrowed from Gala Darling (check her out), but that’s okay because gratitude deserves to be spread. You can use whatever title you like. Things I love resonates with me because it is an easy way to get started and focuses in on the small pieces of everyday joy, not what I’m told to be grateful for (no one likes doing what they are told).

Happy 2018 everybody, I hope you feel hopeful – we can do it.