Christmas traditions

Do you have any Christmas traditions? I sure do, every year they evolve – sometimes new ones are created. I think traditions keep us grounded; they remind us of home & family. They help us to make sense of the passing years, and give us a small dose of control in our uncontrollable lives.

My favourite Christmas traditions would be,

Watching Christmas movies (only the good ones), like The Grinch and a Christmas carol.

A walk up Franklin road to see the Christmas lights.

A sister date to the nearest Starbucks to try out whatever sugar-laden Christmas themed drink they are offering that year.

A trip to Ponsonby to admire the fashionable people and the gift shops too expensive for my budget, and then to drink some excellent coffee at some hip café.

Another sister tradition, we do DIY Christmas themed nails.

Trimming the (real) tree of course.

Baking ginger men/ making popcorn garland/ whatever Christmas themed cooking we can find time for.


Over to you, what Christmas or holiday traditions do you have? Do they change or have they stayed the same?

Bec xx