Knitting for beginners: 5 tips

la-caravan-282399.jpgHello lovelies! I taught myself to knit, and learnt a lot of life lessons along the way – something which surprised the heck out of me and made learning to knit all the more meaningful. I have failed at making a cardigan, jumper and cable knit scarf (although I’m still attempting that one). I love picking something too hard for myself and really mess it up along the way .  Although a lot of people are not like me. So here are some tips to ensure smooth sailing for beginners.


  1. Start with good quality yarn, and needles.

Holding soft, luscious yarn and beautifully built needles can be half the joy of knitting. Start off with bamboo needles, and a yarn with a higher percentage of wool or bamboo – you won’t regret it.

  1. Pick a project that uses a large weight of yarn.

It helps as you can see your stitches more easily, the project goes faster (knitting teaches a lot of patience!) and is easier to handle.

  1. Start with a scarf!

Knit and purl are your two basic stiches; a lot of fun scarf patterns can be made with them. Try seed stitch or ribbing. Add tassels for a really satisfying first project.

  1. Join up with

Browse patterns, join the community and get ideas! Nothing made me more excited than stumbling on an online knitting community. Ha-ha! There really is everything on the Internet.

  1. Give no fucks.

Knit on the bus, in the park, at your family Christmas gathering. Knit even if you are pretty sure you messed up the gauge or dropped a stitch over half your pattern ago. Knitting is fearless and badass and you can do it! Don’t be afraid to fail at first.