Parnell Rose Gardens

Happy Sunday! I am here in New Zealand, sitting on the bed, windows wide open listening to the music and noise of my boyfriend and his brothers playing football in the backyard.

Ahhh.. summer.

Parnell Rose Gardens is a not-so-secret gem of Auckland, and the most lovely place to kill a few hours.

Bring a book, a snack and something to sit on. Or make like a true Parnell local and bring nothing but a takeaway flat white and someone to spin a yarn with.

Arrive in the early morning, hot noon sun, or lazy afternoon – the perfume is 24/7. This spot is popular with tourists and a few hop on/off type buses stop here.

Visit in November and December for an eye watering display of blooms across all rose species and hybrids. Don’t discount the autumn and winter months though, the bare thorns, or ripe rosehips set a poignant scene.

The park extends far beyond the rose garden and down to Judges Bay, so go check it out!