Plants a’Plenty: What’s in season this December

December is such an exciting time for me. We have the lead up to Christmas, the beginning of summer, so many birthdays (for me that’s a lot of twenty first’s this year!) and so many delicious fruit come into season!

Here are my favourites:


Oh my gawd. A traditional Christmas fruit in the Gough household, my first encounter with cherries on an actual tree was in France. When I was homesick they provided me with a reason to get out of bed in the morning. I wanted to run into the garden, tear the cherries off the tree and stuff my face until I felt sick. Needless to say cherries have a special spot in my heart!


Another fav with me. We grow this fruit at my family home, last year I came over one late November to find the passionfruit vine being MURDERED by my overly enthusiastic chainsaw welding parents. I am happy to report that this year the vine looks stronger than ever and has almost doubled in size – filled with ripening passionfruit as we speak.


Lastly this flower has plagued me on many summer road trips. The always-eternal question “is the soil in this region acidic or basic?” answered by one humble yet magnificent plant. The hydrangea. Purple, pink, blue, violet, lavender, fuchsia, aqua. This plant can do it all. I look forward to seeing you on the side of the road, hydrangea.

Happy December mes amis!