Morning routine

I’ve decided to do something a little different today. I’ve painted! Some of you may know that I am an amateur water-colourist. I like messing about with water and colour in my spare time. I’m usually into making abstract things where the colour and textures take centre stage – because I can’t draw!

Today though I’ve even done some drawing, so enjoy!

applewatchMy alarm goes off at 6am; I really dislike alarms. A huge reason I brought an apple watch is the fact that the watch vibrates against your arm to wake you up. Finally I can wake up peacefully!


Honestly I usually snooze until 6.30am, by which time someone has banged on my door to check I’m awake (I carpool).


I quickly get up; make myself a slice of vogels with honeycomb, and a cup of tea. I wander around the house doing other things while I’m eating this.Honeycomb


One of my favourite things to do is to quickly dash to the garden and spend time with my plants. I know, sounds crazy. But I am happier for the entire day if I can get out and see how my poppies are going, or whatever else I have planted at the moment. Plus there is nothing like the smell of dew on grass in the early morning.


Having wasted a lot of time I run back inside to quickly get dressed (I’ve picked my outfit the night before – I just hope the vision in my head works on my body), brush my teeth and throw on some concealer and mascara. I work in a lab, so appearance is really not crucial.


I jump in the car with friends, and we listen to music and play candy crush. I’m at work my 7.30am and straight away grab a coffee! The nespresso machine at work is much nicer than my instant at home. I’ve drawn a bit because that i much more fun than drawing a car!bike


Voila. That’s my morning.