Cheaters caramel chocolate bars.


Maybe you don’t have time to make a fancy caramel because you would rather be doing something else! That’s totally fine. Maybe you have run out of christmas gift ideas for people you vaguely know.

With that in mind I have the perfect treat. Chocolate caramel bars. Yum.



Now here is the trick, buy a big bag of caramel candies from the supermarket and melt those suckers down! A little bit of butter, some liquid sugar, throw some almonds in, a bit of salt. Voila. Pour that in a pan & let it set. Melt some chocolate (I like to mix dark and very dark) and throw that on top. Boom! Cool, slice and wrap up nicely in baking paper. Shower neighbours in caramel chocolate bars.



That is quite literally what I did.

I also ate a few myself.