Plants a’plenty

As a kid I looked forward to February and March all year. When autumn finally rolled around, I would run home from school and spend those long, hot afternoons sitting under the grape vine, gorging myself until my hands where sticky and my face purple.


These days I forget autumn is grape harvest season. Every year (at roughly May) I kick myself for not having paid attention. Being too busy, and missing the best home-grown grapes in town.

And oh-my-god there is plenty to watch out for in late spring! From berries, to blooms, I couldn’t pick!

Here are my favourite three.

  • Strawberries! Lucky us we are having a early season here in New Zealand (where yes, strawberries are still seasonal, despite what I hear about this all round supply in some exotic places such as Europe). Normally considered a Christmas fruit, we can eat them in the spring sunshine before Summer has even hit. strawberries2_becgou
  • Poppies, if anyone has been following my IG stories you will know I am obsessed with the poppies I have grown this year! I have planted so many varieties and they have finally come into bloom. Poppies can flower anytime from August to November, which is lucky since the actual flowerhead’s life is so brief – I need a long season just to get my fill of poppy magic (and that has nothing to do with morphine btw)!Poppies_november
  • Garden roses, I could not resist this classic! My favourite time of the year (okay I have several favourites), is when those lazy, clambering, easy to cultivate roses -turn from bramble to a veritable display of perfume and summer. whiterose_november