Visting France

Bonjour yet again.

I have this thing about not wanting to miss moments by constantly taking photos, so the only camera we took with us to France was a polaroid. Which if you ask me is a lot more fun anyway.

I love the point and shoot. The hilarious outtakes. The significance of the final photo you are physically holding in your hands. This is the only copy! The price of polaroid film  is about a dollar per photo so you keep the outtakes, and resist taking eight shots of the Eiffel tower. That didn’t stop me on the board walk towards Mont St. Michel though.

We were away for a month, rented a car, paid way too much in tolls and parking but got to explore off and on the beaten track.

Baux de Provence

The adventure started in the romanesque south of France, and beautiful, beautiful Provence. We visited Nîmes, Baux en Provence, Orange & Pont du Gard. The south of France for me now conjures up the sweet taste of strawberries, sun baking on my back, striped market stalls, olive groves and sun bleached stones.


A six hour drive later we were in the Alps, golden fields turned to lush green pastures and icy blue lakes. Annecy stunned us, and we even came back for another afternoon (it rained- josh ate a plateful of tiny fried fish, then threw up!). Chamonix was clear and fresh. We hiked, visited glaciers and stood on top of a mountain. There were also goats.


Lyon was next, I do not suggest driving around that city. Roadworks were at large and your GPS will never be right. We moved north to Strasbourg, the gorgeous gothic german-french town of your gingerbread dreams.


Onwards to Reims: the champagne capital for a brief sejour! The only photo we have is one of me at lunch after a tour at Möet – feeling a little buzzed.

The Loire valley was one of my favourite places – majestic castles, lazy rivers, endless gardens and enchanting forests.

Normandy and Brittany brought us to a land of crêpes, war memorials,  ancient stones and tapestries. Josh also tried his first after dinner expresso in true french style. I have never seen him with so much energy.

mont st. michel.jpgFinally we arrived back in Paris. Shopping, eating and enlightening. We saw monet, dutch renaissance, romanticism, post-modernism and renoir.

Eventually our month was up and we had to return home. Luckily it was one of my best holidays yet, and I have plenty of polaroids to show for it.

Till next time,