A few of my favourite things..

Hello everyone. Today my favourite things are… Josh – my boyfriend, thank you; Cozy, warm, blush pink, blanket coats; Roses covered in dew drops; The morning – my favourite time of the day; Orange/yellow/green/red falling autumn leaves; The moon – full moon tonight!; Cinnamon tea; My dad and his career advice; Almond milk, love that stuff; Exercise, specifically group weight lifting classes; Rainy days; Sunny days; The seasons; My little hen and chicken ferns I am raising; Lecture buddies and walks; My best friend (also called Rebecca), donuts and goats!

I challenge you to write a form of gratitude list, don’t write down the things you feel you should, instead focus on all the little moments/things or people that bring you joy. The first few might be hard to think of, but I promise they flow from there!