Creating floral ice cubes

Good morning, or afternoon, or evening, or night! I’ve made a little DIY to show you all. Although honestly its pretty self explanatory so maybe its more of an idea?

Wildflower ice cubes for the cocktails of your dreams!


Okay so first up we are going to need to locate some EDIBLE wildflowers, I’ve used viola’s which are one of my favourite weeds here in NZ, they are basically baby pansies and grow in shady, damp spots. Here are some guides for common edible flowers – Tui Gardens and the good guide. These are NZ based, but most of the plants mentioned don’t originate here or are domesticated so I think they will be reasonably common elsewhere.

I’ve used a small flower to fit in my small heart ice cube tray, but you could just as easily use petals off of larger flowers or a larger ice cube tray.

I’ve just placed each flower in a heart, and dunked it in the water so that any petals which don’t stay submerged freeze (most of them, viola’s are shaped like little boats haha!).

Freeze overnight and enjoy!