Auckland Botanical gardens

Welcome to a new segment where I show you places around Auckland that I like. That was read in a newscast voice if you were unsure. Go ahead and read it again properly.

Anyway! Today I show you Auckland Botanical Gardens. A beautiful place, dedicated to conservation, adorable plant life, and education. It’s a seed bank for Auckland’s endangered species, a bustling research facility, and a picturesque picnic spot for many a  family with young children and scooters.

Also introducing potentially the most delightful part, my partner in crime since birth – the girl I once jealously hit with a teacup as a toddler… my younger sister LILY! Wearing a fabulous opshop jumpsuit , mirror glasses and sass.


Any resembelence?

We only had time to visit the native plant section, but if you just want to stare at roses, or perennials or fun shaped hedges there are sections for those as well.

The Auckland Botanical Gardens – Its free, its fun and very busy on public holidays (park on a side street)! So go check it out!

Brought to you by divaricating plants – the jewel of NZ flora.