An apple a day

So, story time. I’m a student, and I go to uni. I carry all my stuff around with me all day. My bag gets heavy. When it rains, I usually just accept the fact I am going to get wet and deal with it. I also usually take the practical option of wearing a rain coat. Because I don’t have enough hands to deal with umbrellas, nor do I want to poke peoples eyes out in the on-the-hour rush, as everyone changes classes.

Funny story, one time I got my shirt ( think wide dangly sleeves – very retro) stuck on a cactus, and held up roughly 50 people for five minutes whilst a kind person behind me set me free. The gardeners are very amusing and like to theme different sections of the university to horticulturally diverse habitats, think rainforest, think desert. I was entering the ‘desert’ section.

Today I wore blue converse, plaid Zara black and white shorts (legs dry faster than jeans – plus its likely the warmest march ever), a grey ASOS t-shirt and my red vigilante rain jacket. I was attempting some fun colour blocking/pattern mixing.